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Different types of cremation jewelry

Different types of cremation jewelry

I believe that through various channels, everyone has a certain understanding of cremation jewelry, right? From shiny diamonds to personalized engravings, no matter your personal style and budget, there are many ways to pay tribute to your loved ones. More importantly, finding cremation jewelry that suits your needs has never been easier. Now let's talk about the different types of cremation jewelry available today.

  1. Mini Urn

The most easily recognizable cremation jewelry is the traditional mini urn. This is actually a small bottle pendant, which is safe inside and can store someone's ashes or other souvenirs. The vial is usually engraved with design, wording, name, date, etc. to create something truly personalized. The mini urn comes in a variety of metals, materials and sizes. Depending on the specific style, they can be discreet or more eye-catching. This is the most common type of cremation jewelry because it resembles a traditional urn. SOITIS offers small bottle urns in various styles and materials.

  1. Cremation Necklace

Another type of cremation jewelry is a necklace urn. These small pendants can usually hold pictures of your loved ones as well as ashes or other souvenirs. The most common shape is the heart shape, but you can also find different symbols.

  1. Cremation Bracelet

Cremation bracelets are the choice of anyone who likes to maintain an intimate relationship with their loved ones. These either contain a pendant for placing someone's ashes, or they can pass through the hollow inside. Cremation bracelets are masculine, feminine and neutral, making them easy to wear.

  1. Cremation Rings

Cremation rings are usually in the style of traditional ribbon rings. The interior is usually sacred, allowing small amounts of ashes or hair to be safely stored inside. These are more discreet, and the wearer can choose to wear them on the chain as a ring or necklace. 



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