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How to use filled cremation jewelry?

How to use filled cremation jewelry?

It is difficult for many people to put the ashes in the urn or cremation jewelry. It's easy, but if you want, you can ask your local funeral director. If you think this task is too much, they are usually very happy to assist you with this task. This is completely understandable.

Cremation jewelry can hold a small souvenir, a small ashes and a strand of hair. The size of the compartments does depend on the style chosen, but most of them are small because they are easier to carry as a symbolic souvenir. 

There are two main types of openings for memorial jewellery. One is a screw in bail at the top, and the other is a threaded screw that sits flush with the pendant. When filling the pendant here are the steps you should follow: 

  • Place a piece of paper or soft cloth on a flat surface. This will prevent any small parts from being lost or damaged.
  • Open the compartment gently by unscrewing the bail at the top.
  • Hold the mini-funnel in the opening.
  • Carefully remove a tiny amount of the keepsake or ash from the container it is stored in with a small spoon.
  • Gently push the keepsake into the pendant and use the toothpick to collect any ashes or particles that have remained in the thread where the screw goes in.
  • GENTLY close and ensure that the screw sits flat. Do not force the screw lower than the surface of the pendant.

We recommend to seal the pendant permanently. This can be done by applying a two-part glue, which can be applied with the tip of a toothpick. Don't use too much and work quickly to avoid the glue drying out before screwing in the screws. Make sure the screws and pendants lie flat so that they are properly secured to your souvenir and put on your chain after sealing. You can also ask the jeweler to seal your pendant for you. The pendant is not designed to open and close multiple times.

After you understand how to use cremation jewelry, you must be full of interest in cremation jewelry. If you happen to have a demand for cremation jewelry, you can come to SOITIS to have a look. It will definitely meet your needs. 


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