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1. We provide a lifetime warranty on the product.

  • If the product is damaged due to quality problems within 1 month after receiving the goods, we will provide you with free accessories and logistics services, and provide remote guidance to ensure that the product is repaired as before.
  • If the product is damaged due to your improper operation after the product is received, we will provide you with free accessories and remote guidance services throughout your life. You only need to pay the corresponding postage, and we will ensure that we help you repair the product as before.
  • At SOITIS, we hope that customers feel that their choice of urn or commemorative products is correct. We want customers to be satisfied when the product arrives. If you want to return or exchange the goods, please feel free to contact our team for help.


2. According to our general terms and conditions, you need to contact us within 1 week after the product is received.

Orders that meet the following conditions can be returned:

  •     The product was damaged in transit.
  •     The product has manufacturing defects.
  •     The customer received an incorrect product.

In order to do our best to help you, please contact us via Contact Us in time to describe the product damage problem and attach a picture. Then we can provide a refund.

We will contact you within one working day to arrange the return. 
The only exceptions to our return policy are:

  •  We cannot take back any items with ashes.
  • We cannot take back items that have been personalized through direct engraving.


 3. Packaging & Sending Your Return

  • If you would like to return your order, DO NOT return our original address. please call a support representative or email us. And we will solve this problem.
  •  If you really need to returned or replaced the order, the seller will bear the postage.

4. How long can I receive my refund?

7 working days after you request a refund.


5. Is there a return fee?



6. Our Number: +86 15986355303 


Or you can contact us by clicking on the chat box in the lower right corner.