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Helping Children Overcome Grief

Helping Children Overcome Grief

Children are very sensitive. They can feel the feelingsof the adults around them, such stressed, sad or keeping secrets .

Children should be informed for the death of a loved one. Death should be dealt with openly and honestly. Remember that children can providing solutions for adults that it is difficult for them to understand why their loved one cannot recover again. Explaining the process of dying, perhaps with the help of the right books, is a healthier approach than denying tragedy.

Although inherently resilient, children should not be assumed to be unaffected by death. They may be angry, fearful, sad, confused, guilty... Those are inevitable condition.

Therefore, as a child's guardian, care should be taken to avoid referring to death as "just like sleeping" or "going to sleep", as this can make young children fear going to bed at night. They may believe they will not wake up again in the morning. Euphemisms such as these can ultimately do more harm than good.

Involve older children in decisions about the death of a close friend or relative. They may want a special tribute and should not be overlooked when giving items. Maintaining a familiar routine, especially with younger children, may help, but care should be taken not to push children into situations until they are ready. Allow older children plenty of time to grieve and avoid sending them back to school too early.

In addition, care should be taken to express emotions. Children should be encouraged to talk about their feelings. Older children may find internet support groups, but online activity should be carefully monitored during this vulnerable time. If those closest to them are unable to provide support due to their own grief, the child should be comforted by a close adult friend, perhaps a favourite aunt or uncle.

It is important to ensure that children understand that although this is a difficult time to deal with and the loss will always be with them, the grief will pass.

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