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How Will Memorial Jewelry Help To Move Forward?

How Will Memorial Jewelry Help To Move Forward?

We are always in awe of the unique stories we hear and share from those who purchase memorial jewelry. We are always glad to see how memorial jewelry can have a positive impact on those who are taking their journey with them through grief.

In many ways, filling ashes into memorial jewelry makes it more real. The process requires ashes, which often fall out of sight of the lost loved one and take on a new form of making them an active participant in their lives. It gets people talking about something positive and helps the person who has lost a loved one feel less alone.

Interestingly, in a research survey, 87% of clients reported that memorial jewelry was beneficial to their grieving process.

Memorial jewelry helps move forward through the grief of losing a loved one.

We recognize that memorial jewelry is not for everyone, however, we can't help but notice the meaning and impact of memorial jewelry have on our clients and how it helps them through their grief journey.

A piece of memorial jewelry touches, accompanies, and listens, and its presence influences the growth and development of the living. For many people, it also serves as a daily reminder that the endless love of their loved one is still present.

Therefore, if you are considering celebrating your loved one or pet with a piece of memorial jewelry, it may be helpful to understand how this piece of memorial jewelry impacts others on their journey through the painful grief of losing someone so close to them.


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